Do It Yourself: a Nice Dispenser of SOAP with a Glass Jar

Many of us long for the traditional bars of SOAP in the bathroom, a product of daily hygiene which has been losing supporters, with the passing of the years, to the benefit of the liquid soap, more clean, more comfortable and more hygienic, according to their “followers”. All the lines of bath accessories have dispensers of gel, of different sizes, colors, materials, etc., but if what you really want is something original, made by yourself, don’t miss the DIY (“do it yourself”) that we offer.

Everyone throw away every day glass canning jars (from vegetables, jam, etc.), although many also keep those who seem especially attractive for reuse. A good way to do it is to turn them into an original SOAP dispenser, as the photography. You just need to make a hole with a drill, at the top, through which we put the metering pump. You can use any of them that they already have at home.

Then just apply a small amount of glue so that the pump is attached to the top and… already have one! original soap dispenser! If you want to give a natural touch, enter inside, as in the picture, some River stones: the effect is gorgeous. You won’t have more than 10 minutes to do so and you can renew your dispenser as many times as you are with a special jar that does not want to get rid.