Fans of JRR Tolkien, Living in House of Bilbo Baggins

Go ahead that I got no Readme the Tolkien novel, or see the movie whole since I fell asleep, before the scandal of my family (almost, almost is cause for expulsion, had it been Star Wars, no doubt would be back in the home). But I am a great lover of the miniatures and what I liked the most was The Hobbit House.

It seems that I am not the only one, since the architect Peter Archer It has carried out a project for a client Tolkien fan, inspired in the home of Bilbo Baggins.

According to the architect of Pennsylvania, there were many walks and meetings and visits to the farm where to do the hobbit House and going through the garden found a dry the 18th century brick wall, It was the very heart of the project.

The architectural firm that works in United States and England, mainly, boasts realize the dreams of their customers and it is clear looking than Bilbo House does not seem a decorated of film, getting it with note.

Seeing the details we can see the good work of the Studio of Archer, who has become a scene of a fantasy movie in a Royal House, perfectly integrated into the landscape. Doors and round windows, the roof, the famous wall of brick or fireplaces are perfect for hobbits and humans.

In fact, the House is a small museum, where is stored the collection of the owner with original manuscripts Tolkien and other parts of the movie that has been collecting, over time, since it is passionate about the novelist.

Do you like the work of? Peter Archer? You’re fans of? The Hobbit? Fans of JRR Tolkien, living in house of Bilbo Baggins