Garlands Set the Tone on Christmas Decorations

Christmas is one of the most special moments for those who love to charming. So traditional as Christmas trees, the garlands also appear as keystones for the composition of a festive mood, without giving up the elegance. But your story goes way beyond simply decorate the door of a House.

The garlands are considered a symbol of welcome to those visiting and also serve as protection to the residents of the House. Since antiquity, both by the pagans and the Romans, she was exposed in front of the houses. For Catholics, the adorner is part of the celebration of advent, now representing the four Sundays prior to the arrival of Jesus, symbolizing the human preparation for the celebration of the birth of Christ.


Without doubt, even today it is a fundamental part of Christmas and climate can be found (and even made) with the most different formats and materials, because the more unusual, the better. Natural flowers, fabric, twigs, buds, colored ribbons. All that is allowed in the creation of one of the greatest symbols of Christmas. Remember that garlands do not necessarily need to be round. If you want to give a different touch, create an adorner square or heart shaped. She will be a contemporary option that combines tradition with modernism.


Regardless of your style, be it traditional or innovative, the important thing is to leave your House ready to welcome the new year begins. After all, the Garland is also symbol of continuous transformation and deserves attention.

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