Give Your Home Functional and Decorative Accents with Floor Mats

Floor mats – stylish home textile

Selection of doormats  hot every day on the new welcome: floor mats, which are placed in front of the house or apartment entrance. Especially funny sayings can cheer one again after a long day, visit sweet designs welcome. A look at the range of different floor mats is really worth designs. Gingar brand advertises with Prince charming and opens the world to the bowl of cherries or boasts a bright comic motif. Sweet motifs like a chalk drawing of children conjure up an even and visitors a smile on the face and transform the floor mat in the blink of an eye to the ornaments. Mats while not always only angular fail, but can be designed in the round form or in other structures and materials. Salon Lion for example offers floor mats in the form of flower. Who however cannot do anything with bright colored or flashy floor mats, which will find it even with simple floor mats in basic colors. The styles range from an Asian country house style. The useful function, the dirt from outside not for inside to wear, they all meet.

Floor mats

Floor mats – more than just mats

Selection of the floor mats floor mat is the first thing that presents your style of living for visitors. Floor mats are not only carpets for the hallway. Rather, you can show all your personal style through different floor mats. Do you prefer a playful romantic style? There are floor mats in pink, purple and light blue, with or without patterns. Perhaps a doormat with sweet animal motif, is just right for you in this case about flowers and KO. But also classic pattern, like hearts or flowers adorn many mats. Floor mats in the romantic style fit well with the trendy shabby chic, but also to a rustic style. Of course, there are playful floor mats, for example with reindeer motif, an ideal Christmas decoration festive look. Floor mats with photos are particularly cool. You are the trend and emphasize a modern and  style. That’s now a rustic log may be motive in brown tones to emphasize your nature-related page, or a colorful photo print with animal and object motifs, is up to your personal taste. You can find great floor mats with photo motif 16bpc living and of course Dekoria. Also the maritime look is very popular – to do this, you will find white and beige floor mats in blue, in trendy stripes and, of course, small nautical details, such as the classic anchor motif in red or grey. Of course, your mat to the other furnishings of your apartment should fit and attract your visitors not on a wrong track. If you are so set on a perfect lifestyle, should at least your floor in some elements again incorporate style and color of your doormat. For example can mirror carpet or picture frames, pattern or color, your doormat. You want to create a cosy atmosphere? Then, a cheerful floor mats with welcome saying is just right for you. To fit a lamp with warm light in your hallway, some candles and candle holders, preferably in gold, and a beautiful vase with fresh flowers. All of this underscores a welcoming look and decides on your image.