Great Ideas for Dark Houses

I have to admit that whether large or small, the key when choosing a House is to be luminous. Yesteryear, to better insulate the dwellings, were not built large windows as the today but that were small windows Since people spent the day they were out and actually only in house from dusk.

For them it was more important to a hot place that a House light. However, to date, above all to often we work at home, the luminosity is sine quan non when choosing a home.

But some houses do not have a remedy, they built as well: stone, brick or slate. What can we do to “enlighten them”? The first thing would be consult with an architect If it is possible to make larger existing windows without affecting the structure of the House. Sometimes it is enough to chop around to enlarge the hole and we will gain in warmth and luminosity.

The painting of walls It must be very clear and, depending on the color of the soil, either darker type wenge or a parquet honey color, I I would choose the range of the beige and white better than broken by the nuclear white.

In terms of textiles, I am a firm supporter of the neutral colors leaving the bright colors for the cushions and blankets from the foot of the bed. On this occasion the the lamp shades at night they will be exact walls tone so that they fade with the environment.

In most social areas, lounge and dining room, a good way to get one sensation of brightness, It is remove the doors separating them and place a large mirror opposite the window, so it reflects light. I.e., turn it into a multifunctional space, removing partitions. Another good idea to not reload the environment is to dispense with curtains and let some light curtains save us from curious glances.

As for the furniture, nothing better than stripping furniture. The idea of “clarify” Center and the dining room table, as well as the seating is very warm.

The style that you use in the Dark houses It is very personal, textiles and furniture can be more Nordic (that seems to prevail in Spain lately) or more Provençal, or a British dot… that is already matter of taste.