High Ceilings for a Bright and Colorful House in Sydney

A House with high ceilings always tends to be quite striking, but that just does not guarantee us a pleasant interior or to invite to live, much less. Must know how to use different decorative resources to give it that long-awaited comfort.

As well, in our opinion, in this bright and colorful housing in Sydney with high ceilings they have done it, and we say that even with more than. We would like that you could check it for yourselves, so we invite you take a look at this little tour inside.

The lounge is the room in which we can see as well that the lighting has been resolved, something that, with a few as high ceilings, is an important issue. Despite a rather small lamps have been installed, the result is great, because you are given even more prominence to the rest of the stay.

We love decoratively carefree and a bit retro style that breathes through the entire House. Proof of this is the peculiar sofa – and the armchair that accompanies it – that we are in the living room, a seventies hippie style We love.

We especially like the lots of wood accents that I can find around the House, starting with the precious soil, and ending with the frames of all the windows. This touch of wood is also maintained in practically all pictures that populate the walls.

In one of the bedrooms – no great, by the way – can check as maintaining decorative coherence with the rest of the House, and we see some very striking bed clothes, as well as white walls in contrast to wood, both window and pictures frames.

But no doubt the touch of more eye-catching color of this House with high ceilings found in the bathroom, in which Yellow is the absolute protagonist. Cladding of walls and floors, both own bathtub, are of this eye-catching color, and the truth is that the result is quite interesting.

For the end we wanted to leave the entrance to the House. Those so colorful geometric shapes on the door it seems to us that they are a declaration of intentions, and give us a fairly faithful idea of what we’re going to find inside, do not you think?