Hot Tub with Views, The Most Spectacular Panoramic Three from The Bathroom

On the basis of me not bathroom ever, because the shower is greener, we are going to imagine that you as cure for body and soul, Once a month would allow me the real luxury of put me in a bath foam and sales and be a long relaxing me, or a 100% therapeutic bath.

I have no doubt that if I had one of the three baths with panoramic views I am going to show, would not be a crazy running from here to there, but that I would find myself relaxed and quiet. All have in common the lack of neighbors peeping toms, since these tubs with views, If there are onlookers near lose much charm.

The first, which opens the post, is in the city of Kuala Lumpur, Since the towers seen from the bathtub look like the famous Petronas towers, designed by Argentine architect César Pelli and carrying the distinctive of the tallest twin towers in the world. A circular window has sought so that the view is as complete as possible, although I don’t understand for what they want a tele with similar views, the truth. It is an example of Asian luxury clariasimo.

The second is a magnificent cabin (and you know that if you are in mountain although this wonderful mansion, cabins or lodges are called), in Big Sky in Montana (USA), and have wanted to merge wood and stone that traditionally have these buildings with the magnificent semi-circular window, which allows a broader view and sophisticated of the pendant detail (though also have Halogen Recessed into the wood of the roof.

Finally, but no less spectacular this fourth bath in a New York penthouse. The simplicity of lines and materials are searched: marble, mirror and glass and the result can not be more spectacular and is in the luxury of truth, less is more. In addition to this bathroom needless you nothing more than the views to be decorative.

With which do you stay? The most spectacular panoramic three from the bathroom, a bathtub with a view