How to Choose Kitchen Wallpaper

The choice of a wallpaper is closely linked to the part to which it is intended. Wallpaper will not be the same for a child’s room , a room of adults, living room, the office, the kitchen, the bathroom, theoffice or the corridor…

Kitchen Wallpaper: Choose The Leachable

For kitchens, the wallpaper will be exposed to grease, splashes, vapors …

It is above all the ease of maintenance that will prevail when choosing your kitchen painted paper as decorative wall decals.

There are two types of wallpaper adapted:

  • washable wallpaper:
    • for the cleanings are not altering the coating condition, choose one,
    • it will withstand cleaning products and detergents.
  • Washable wallpaper: can rise to the occasion if it is not directly exposed.

Two candidates from very good to remember:

  • Vinyl wallpaper: the PVC layer gives it impermeability foolproof,
  • non-woven wallpaper: to remember also, more thickness, the greater its moisture resistance qualities are significant.

Kitchen Wallpaper: Neutral or Colored?

  • If your kitchen is equipped with massive furniture, dark color and a pronounced style, it is best to highlight them, choose a bright wallpaper beige, off white, or pastel colors.
  • well supported colors like red, blue or green, will modernize a kitchen with rustic furniture.
  • By cons, furniture with less character or more traditional will be happy to proximity to a gay and vitamin paper: go for orange, green, red and yellow, colorful and brighter lines, stripes, patterns , geometric shapes.
  • Other decorating tips:
    • Mix and match effects by lining a section of wall in plain and one with patterns, obviously combining shades: this will give style to your decor.
    • Also remember not to crush a pretty tiles: make sure the wallpaper is in the same tones.

Wallpaper: Stickez Your Kitchen!

  • Funky, the wall stickers also invaded the walls of the house … and the kitchen.
  • In “teach” mode or “advertising”, sometimes even display recipe or goes, they invite themselves to this place to give it shape bar or merchant stall.
  • Dare they exist in small size and low prices (from € 15 for children), you’ll soon change if your mood changes.
  • However, a small downside still, the laying of sticker:
    • For simple shapes, the sticker should be possible without too much difficulty, nor lasting bubbles adhere to your wall.
    • In contrast, if its surface is large or if there is not a single piece, its installation can be a little more difficult.