How to Choose Night Light

Peacefully for your children and never afraid of the dark thanks to Nightlight. In this article you will find out what characteristics should have, with a selection of 10 night lights for children among the best and best buy that your little ones will love.

Night Light for Kids

One of the most common phobias, even in adults, it is afraid of the dark. Toddlers dark is standing immediately to something unknown and therefore dangerous. For this reason, many children have serious difficulty falling asleep alone or in their bedroom and then choose to sneak safe under the covers of Latvian to mom and dad.

In this regard, it is best that a parent can find, is buying a nightlight. The light beam emitted by the lamps of various shapes and sizes, will reassure the child, helping him to fall asleep more easily and calmly. We must not however choose blind, you must understand and assess what suits your child’s night light.

How to choose a night light for kids

The three main things to watch out for are the shape, intensity and size.

  • Form: choose the forms of animals or favorite cartoon characters from your son or daughter. In this way, not only will not stand in the dark, but they will feel even in the company.
  • Intensity: the light should not be too strong, indeed, should be barely noticeable. The environment is illuminated and harder for your child will fall asleep.
  • Size: these should not be a too big because, besides being able to be physically disruptive, his shadow could cause side effects, like those caused by darkness, causing fear rather than relaxation.

Top 10: 10 night lights for kids

Dear moms and dads, don’t be alarmed if your son or daughter is afraid of the dark. We’ve all been there and we came out. What you can do to get rid of their fear is put in their children’s bedrooms a light that will “protect” the darkness. That’s it.

To facilitate the purchase on, here is a selection of 10 nightlights for children among the more you buy, the choices for money and… “magical abilities” to sleep with your kids (and you) a good night’s sleep and sleep.

Philips and Disney Frozen LED

  • Atmosphere from fairy tales
  • With immagioni extras included
  • With high-quality LED light
  • Warm white light effect
  • Battery operation

SheepRiver 7 colors

  • Automatically turns on at dusk and produces a soothing nightlight for baby
  • Power consumption of only 0.5W
  • Produces no heat
  • Duration: up to 25,000 hours of operation
  • White LED light

Safety 1st 33110274 night light

  • Automatic night light
  • Lights when it gets dark and shuts off as soon as it appeared the light
  • Does not require bulb replacement
  • Does not overheat
  • Very low power consumption (0.4 watts)
  • Long service life 50000 hours
  • Mains


  • LED cold light stays cool
  • No bulb
  • Complies with EN 60598-2-12 for the night lights in socket and the RoHS directive, as well as the new EU directive of April 2009
  • Suitable from birth
  • Automatically turns on varying in intensity depending on the brightness of the environment

VARTA Minions Night Light Nightlight

  • Automatic shut-off after 30 minutes (100%) mode or 60 minutes (low mode)
  • Touch sensor to turn on/off the light
  • LED 5 mm 2
  • up to 6 Lm
  • up to 120 hours battery life
  • 0.25 LUX

Integral auto-sensor LED night light

  • Automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn
  • Design ideal for hallways and bedrooms
  • High energy-saving
  • 30,000 hours LED life

Sky Star Light Night

  • 360° illumination LED light
  • Dimensions 12 x 12 x 13.5 cm
  • High energy-saving
  • 3 buttons with 3 light modes

Forty Weeks – Babylamp

  • Led multicolour lights rainbow effect
  • Portable and wireless, the child can pull it from the base and keep it with you at night
  • Current Ricaricaribile if inserted into the base
  • 8 hours of battery life
  • Does not overheat

AVANTEK LED Nightlight

  • Turns on automatically when motion is detected and switches off after 15 seconds of stagnation
  • Advanced motion sensor detects movement up to 3 meters with 120° of vision
  • The life of the LED lasts up to 80000 hours
  • Quick and easy installation using the supplied adhesive tape
    Runs on batteries, requires no wiring


  • Point light with ON/OFF switch
  • White light
  • Low power consumption
  • LED technology
  • Direct supply to 220V