How to Decorate a White Wall: 5 Decorating Ideas

There are many times we have wondered how to decorate a white wall, especially when we do not have much furniture and vacuum is more noticeable. Today some ideas and we bring you examples so you can decorate the wall of your house without major problems. Lets go see it!

# 1 A good idea to decorate a white wall in your home is to paint a mural on it. It is not only true for children ‘s rooms, as we may well see in the picture above, there are many drawings that can be perfect for anywhere in your home, such as a line drawing flowers. In this case, it is important that the artist has some art, that or a template to avoid a misfortune.

# 2 Another idea that responds perfectly to the question of how to decorate a white wall , is to place a mural like photography. It is a kind of wallpaper but with a drawing occupies the entire space. There are examples of landscapes or cities, something that can go great in any room of our home.

No. 3 Another popular options to decorate a white wall is the use of decorative vinyl. Today many models of stickers that can help us to give some color to a white wall absolutely there. There are abstract and realistic drawings.

No. 4 Another example to decorate a white wall is to use a large mirror as we see in this picture. The mirror, as well as serving as a decorative element, is perfect for small rooms because they help expand the space thanks to the reflection.

# 5 Finally, a typical way but that always works in the decorating walls is to use pictures. The pictures are perfect for filling a white wall as we see in the photograph. These tables are sheets, photos and the like. Would you have liked these ideas on how to decorate a white wall? Do not miss any new idea, follow us on social networks!