How to Make a Unique Wall Clock

Make a unique art piece that you will not find elsewhere! We found some different silver and brass parts, polished them and made a wall clock.

How to Make a Unique Wall Clock

Project Process In Step

Step 1
After you have found the parts you want to use to make your wall clock, you need to polish them with your DREMEL® rotation tool. If you clean the brass parts, as we do here, we recommend that you use brass brushes. These brushes do not sparking and softer than steel brushes, so they do not scratch. Use brass brushes if you need to clean metal such as gold, copper or brass.

How to Make a Unique Wall Clock2

TIP! When using polishing brushes, always have a speed of max. 15,000 rpm. Before the brush slowly over the subject with light strokes. Here we began to cleanse the large areas of brush no. 536, and then we continued with smaller areas with brush no. 537. If you clean silver items, use svinehårsbørster. They are perfect for deburring, cleaning or polishing the silver, jewelry and other precious metals. Use svinehårsbørsten with polish for extra shine.

How to Make a Unique Wall Clock3

Step 2
Hang the polished items on the wall. Here we used hot glue. You can give the wall clock the modern finishing touch by decorating the clockwork (the center of the clock with the hour and minute hand). Note that if you want to add polished themes for the work itself, a battery-powered plant may not be able to handle the weight. We found out that a corded work was best suited to carry heavier silver items. Here we took the middle of an old corded work and hot glued handle from an old spoon and a knife to the clock hands. We hid the cord in the wall.

How to Make a Unique Wall Clock1