How to Make Crochet Tablecloth

You need yarn, knitting mercerized “Narcissus” 100 g / 395 m. No. 1,9 hook size and shape of the product.
Openwork crochet tablecloths – step by step instructions

How to Make Crochet Tablecloth
Draw attention to the scheme 1.

It shows the first stage of work. On complicated element – 4 column 2 cohesive are knitted in a loop from the previous red. Each tape is not the end, but when it will be on the hook 5 pcs (one thread and 4 x 4 pcs). Take a working thread and stretch it through the loop on the hook.

Note: these columns 2 in the center are advised not to knit in the loop of the previous row, and grip the entire operating range of the previous knots. In this case, you will be more accurate picture, but do not forget to follow the order of knitting.
Central part of the cover is 3 tablets smuchene. They are knitted one after drug. No need to break the thread.

How to connect them, shown in the diagram.

It can be more beautiful design tablecloths, consisting of 2-3 lines and can be indispensable model. In this cover tying a large part of the tablecloth.

Began tying a repetition of elements of central diamanta. I only in the corners formed beautiful model. Everything this is well illustrated in the diagram.

Note: the first 7 rows of petals form a binding model. 1 – 4 series of increasing the number of loops 5-7 to reduce their number.

Last 2 series – the final design of this beautiful cover.

In the latest issue of complex element 9, process can be seen in the video below. It shows where you want to increase or decrease the loop.

Our openwork crochet tablecloths ready.

Note: contours at the crossroads of three tablets sucking. No if this place does not reduce the number of reps and go mating small triangle, you can get the original, embossed cloth.

Tablecloth Designs for Hotels

Today we present the interior of the restaurant in one of the finest hotels, located in the city center namely Hemus Hotel. Hemus Hotel is famous for its cozy relaxed atmosphere, unobtrusive comfort and balanced elegant luxury.

After extensive research on both sides came to an agreement. Hemus hotel would not trust everyone. But after presenting our ideas, we had their full confidence. They knew that it work with vintage style tablecloths, with renowned luxury brands.

The hotel had one goal: to make breakfast, lunch and dinner into an unforgettable experience for its customers, because they knew that they deserve. Any upcoming event in the lounge, whether it is a business meeting, cocktail party, wedding, etc. will become an unforgettable experience thanks to the ideology of our team and the services of the hotel.

The result of the partnership between DivDom and Hemus Hotel is a person: elegance, comfort and excellent cuisine as you can see we have used two basic colors: white and brown. The combination of these two colors leads to refinement and luxury, mixed with cleanliness and tidiness.

Once trust us one of the most proven hotels in the capital, why not do it and you?