How to Organize Your Wardrobe

With the day-to-day running, we can not always keep our room and wardrobe organized and functional. How many times have you missed a room in your own room and only found it when you did not need it?

How to Organize Your Wardrobe

Fall is coming and this is the right time to organize your wardrobe, highlighting the heavier pieces and leaving the dresses and fresh clothes not so in sight.

According to fashion consultant Glória Kalil, the key to organizing your wardrobe is to choose a day when everything went wrong to attack it without pain. Only then will you get rid of all that you no longer use without great remorse.

Tips on how to organize your wardrobe

Take all the pieces out of your wardrobe and try those that are little used. Divide these pieces into three piles: reform, save and donate . Parts that need to be tightened, the bar, button or some other type of makeover should be taken to a seamstress as soon as possible, otherwise they will be stored again and you will not wear them for another long time.

– Clean your wardrobe with a damp cloth and just keep clothes that are clean. This will help your clothes get that freshly scented smell for longer.

– You have to practice detachment! The parts we no longer use should be donated to someone who can use them more than we do. The tip here is to ask yourself: How long have I not used this piece? If it has been saved for more than a year, it’s time to donate it and make room for another piece that will be most useful to you.

– The choice of hangers can greatly influence when saving space in your wardrobe. Have hangers of the same model and always place them in the same direction, preferably with the hook in. Forget the wooden models, because they take up a lot of space, and the colorful ones, because they cause visual discomfort. Choose fine and colorless models, preferably chrome. The hangers with preachers should be worn for trousers and skirts, so they will not risk falling.

– Organize your clothes according to  their size and color  . Long dresses , coats and overcoats get together, then shorter pieces such as shirts and blazers, and finally pants and skirts. Separate clothes by color. First the whites and whites, then the stronger tones, the dark tones and finally the printed ones. This will make it easier to compose your look and you will waste less time looking for your pieces.

– Separate clothes by season. We are leaving the summer and entering the coolest time of the year, so leave the coats and wool sweaters in a more accessible part and keep short dresses and skirts in another location. Summer clothes can be stored in a suitcase, cleaned and inside bags. This will free up a large space in your wardrobe and will certainly make it more organized. At the next station change, put the light clothes on and show the coats.

– In the drawers, keep the organization by color. Another way to organize the drawers is by using hives . The hives are great for storing small pieces such as panties, bras and socks, plus accessories like gloves, scarves and scarves.

” Shoes take up a lot of space, so special attention must be paid to them. There are some transparent boxes on the market so you can identify a shoe with ease. A more economical tip is to tag and mark the color and model of the footwear. Do not forget to make the boxes available so that the most used ones are easier to find and remove from the cupboard. This avoids the mess and wasted time.

– The bags can be placed on shelves or even hung on a young man, not forgetting to make sure not to leave the young man with that messy face. One tip to keep your bags beautiful any longer is to save the filler that comes with them when you buy them, so they keep their original shape and your fabric will stay fresh longer.

– A tip for those who have limited space in the wardrobe is to use boxes, especially if there are only shelves without divisions in the wardrobe. In addition to leaving them looking nice and clean, the boxes help in the organization of small parts.

– Naphthalene is used to keep clothes in the wardrobe, but be careful not to let it come in contact with the pieces, as it leaves a very strong and unpleasant full. Put the naphthalene inside old socks, this will prevent contact with your clothes. Camphor cubes and chalk chalk are two good alternatives to mothballs and also help fight against mold.