Ideas for Bathrooms with Shower

The bathrooms with shower are smaller than common spaces, and is why they deserve special attention from us in this article, we give some ideas to help you see more pleased your bathroom with shower.

Being small spaces, we think it can be very difficult decoration, not much space for it, but do not know how wrong these, because they are the best for the imagination take flight and get really pleasing to the eye spaces.

Bathrooms with shower, Decorating Ideas

1. Light

The brightness of the space is very important because as we have been reduced in size, we can make it look a little wider if we give light to it, how we do this ?, Well it is simple by choosing soft, neutral and very natural colors.

If no furniture in this space prevents are painted with varnish, paint is better to use them as well and obviously with light colors.

2. Use all possible spaces

This particular part we love because many times we shred thinking where we could have this or that with so little space in our bathroom with shower, but it is essential in these cases use all available space and how many there are, will you know?

Doors, this space, rarely used and not know how to help, place one or two towel rails in it is great, have extended towels ready for when required.

Also the top of the toilet, usually not used much, so, here we can also make use of a few shelves to place things like toilet paper, small baskets for further details.

3. Mirror

The placement of a medium sized mirror is vital to enlarge the image a little bath, and other items have discussed the mirror always help illuminate more but also to give an illusion of more space.

4. Custom furniture

Another of the most widely used method of decoration are the pieces of furniture for a bathroom with shower, it is important that the furniture fits perfect, because not use furniture as is indeed the best option we have when we do not want to leave out the decor with some furniture.

5. Wardrobes

If, also in a shower we can make use of built -in furniture, to place any items as toothpaste, soap, etc, a cabinet that can be embedded in the wall with proper size bath with shower dimensions.

As you have seen, you can have a bath with shower as cute, so to go to the bathroom and take a shower you relax.