Industrial Bathroom Decor Ideas

The decoration of bathrooms is an art, and as such, there are plenty of things we have to evaluate before you start remodeling an old bathroom. One of these decisions is to choose the decorative style with which we decorate our new bathroom. In general, this decision is determined by the overall style of the house, after all does not make sense to put a modern bathroom in a house decorated in a vintage style and vice versa. If you have decided to decorate your bathroom following the industrial style, congratulations! It is a trend decor very modern and easy to combine with other styles.

In this article you will find nine industrial bathrooms so you can get some inspiration for your new bathroom.

# 1 As we can see in this photograph, one of the basic characteristics of the industrial decoration are the concrete walls and exposed pipes. The sink is shown naked, and general decor is austere and simple. Attention with retro black and white floor. Industrial baths in these soils are widely used.

Bathroom Decor Ideas

# 2 A more modern design shows a bathroom decorated in gray, the sink and the walls are made ​​of a material that mimics the cement. The formaen which are arranged pipes shower, accentuates its structure, which is typical in the bathrooms industrial style .

# 3 In this case we present a design in white, ideal for small bathrooms . The sink has not cabinet underneath, exposing its structure. The colored copper pipes are also part of the decor of this industrial bath.

# 4 An industrial bath minimalist is the protagonist of the previous photo of bathroom sinks. In this case, the gray tones with white color pincelan stay. The retro style faucets and dramatically enhances the open style furniture are examples of how industrial decorations can also be elegant.

Industrial Bathroom Decor Ideas 1

# 5 previous photo bath shows an example of industrial style in beige. Although industrial baths are often characterized by cool colors, it is possible to get warmth using earth and ocher colors. The round mirror and two lamps on either side of the mirror, help to accentuate the retro touch.

Industrial Bathroom Decor Ideas 2

# 6 This industrial bath complies with virtually all features of the decorative style: high ceilings with textures, small windows that catch the light, cold soil … There is only one detail that can get ourattention, and it is this oval bathtub design contemporary and modern.

Industrial Bathroom Decor Ideas 3

# 7 Simple and inspiring is this new industrial bathroom. The pipes in sight and the metal support of the sink next to the concrete wall, help us to strengthen and give character to the bathroom.

# 8 furniture and metal objects are other characteristics that define the industrial style. In this photo, bathtub, toilet and sink are echsod and this material, giving a cold look, as if it were a sink station.

# 9 way pipes also we can help decorate an industrial bath are placed.