Inspiration: Frida Kahlo and the Vibrant Colors

Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) was a woman ahead of your time: intense, modern and wise as few if allowed to be in repressive times. His peculiar style was influenced by the indigenous culture of Mexico and clearly reflected in his paintings, clothing, in the colors of your House and in your flower garden.

His works and your visual extravaganza with flowers in her hair, red lipstick, big earrings, colored collars, long skirts and flowery gowns were typical of the drama and everything to do with your lifestyle.
Decades after your death, the influence of Frida still reigns in many different segments, both in fine arts, decoration, music or movies. Therefore, decorate environments according to the representations and colors that illustrate the exotic identity that the artist featured in your visual can be a bold and surprising option for your decoration.


Ornamentation inspired by Frida requires good doses of vibrant colors, jacquard fabrics, geometric designs, prints striped and zig-zags. Such shades are perfect for furniture of different sizes, such as tables, cabinets and even chairs and armchairs. Everything can and should be combined with more sober couches in shades of Brown, white and beige.

For the pillows, vases and other decorative objects, abuse without fear of shades of red, Orange, pink and yellow.

The style also allows the creation of some kitsch, filled with religious references, sacred hearts, cacti of various sizes and vases with flowers. In fact, one of the artist’s favorites was red roses.

For a passionate and intense decoration, exactly as Frida.