Inspired By Synthetic Leather

The cold weather is approaching and the blankets for beds and sofas come with full power to warm us. One of the most coveted textures on cold days it’s synthetic fur, which is beautiful, soft and very warm.

Inspired By Synthetic Leather

In 2012 the synthetic fur reigned on the runways and in decoration. In addition to take the cold away and ensure very comfortable moments, let the most elegant and sophisticated environments. Look through inspirational photos, How to use Lolahome parts made with the material and let your home more beautiful.

Synthetic skin: more beauty, less cold

Split up some examples of how you can use your synthetic blanket Lolahome in the most diverse environments. Inspire yourself and use your creativity to create unique atmospheres and cozy. Check out!

Synthetic Fur Ounce

Print types reflect much of the personality of each. The blanket with synthetic fur of Ounce is ideal for people that in addition to the comfort and good taste, like to convey mystery and serenity. Among many of the qualities of this animal, the ounce can scare and at the same time provoking the senses, as well as being very intelligent and agile.

Inspired By Synthetic Leather 1

Grey Synthetic Fur

According to studies, the gray color is associated with the self-control and independence, as well as in matters of decoration composition environment. Gray is a neutral color and therefore very easy to combine with other existing tones in the room.

Inspired By Synthetic Leather 2

Striped Synthetic Fur

Already the synthetic skin in stripes beyond good taste and sophistication, conveys the sense of continuity and stretching, with the most suitable for smaller environments.

Inspired By Synthetic Leather 3

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