Interior Looking For The Perfect Bed

I’m pretty glad that our Office now again has become a daily pilgrimage site, to get out and to let that work be work but the walls push hourly closer together, while one in the Home Office on the sofa. Since a few months here so completely controlled structures prevail and the own apartment peu à peu entmüllt of the last madness. Day in and day out so stared on usual building sites while I me eventually resulted in the chaos, room by room in attack was structured a few weeks ago taken and new. A small construction site but are still: the bedroom. Although my self-proclaimed hell of Pax has ensured long ago that clothing is probably tucked away in the white cube, the bed but just not right wants to insert into the room: too big, too cluttered, too hard of the room effect.

Self-rimmed slumber land must be dismantled so willy-nilly and carefully stored, to at some point in a different domicile better unfold. For the transition (or perhaps for longer, because a move is not in sight) may are so light, delicate, and less buff. That this project however as so impossible turns out, is not just sobering, but almost frustrating. A discreet rattan vintage dream, that’d be just it seems that only in miniature form for babies or to give daybed as. I stay so looking for the perfect bed, friend to lost me there again at any crossings on the way.

If there pictured in a 160 cm wide only a rattan bed would be as above. But maybe you you need a cot or a daybed?

1.Maison you Monde Suzane.
2. Serena & Lily daybed
3 curved rattan bed via anthropology.
4. pari rattan daybed via anthropology.
5. Phinny daybed.
6 bassinet/cradle via Etsy.
7 vintage rattan bed for children via Etsy.
8 vintage rattan bed for babies via Etsy.
9 Puppenbed via Etsy.

So back to wood:

1 Tojo system bed all sizes.
2. Tojo lieg – modular bed system (various sizes)
3. Ekomia – bed hatch.
4. more platforms bed via UO
5 Sarah slatted platform Bed also via Urban Outfitters.
6 WoodBoom – bed Elke.

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