Interior New from IKEA: the Catalogue for 2017

I think only once found an IKEA catalog at all the way in my mail box and reminded me of the news of the Sweden, showed me furnishing solutions, I prefer right away wanted to implement the spot or pulled me right with some bells and whistles magically in his windowless Kingdom. While a whole nation so punctually in mid-August the strong page catalog to plan, flipping, rum tiller and buying up in the wallet I had always in the yellow box to secretly steal the rental catalogue at the end of the purchase. Until today actually nothing has changed it, just the thing with the Huntingseassen has settled. A virtual look into the Lookbook saves me the criminal energies, but provides for a similar effect: out there in this endless universe full of new releases, smart solutions and unlimited refill coffee, instead of just on the Web shop. Why exactly? Because the reality check sometimes sadly disillusioned, hundreds of small surprises still await us, we reactivate our green thumb at the latest at the Garden Center, and too many pillows are never wrong. But care! Be prepared before the IKEA phenomenon: actually, no need to roll with the eyes at the end at the checkout.

A small checklist beforehand compliant? Then is at this point the most beautiful news and a selection of snag leagues living environments from the new IKEA catalog 2017 for you:

this time, by the way, 13 reports, which show the many faces of IKEA in the world are the focus of this year’s catalog. You deal with the Freestyle cooking in a student dormitory in the United States or from our attempt to help children in East Africa. Product placement meets content – and so is latest IKEA catalog in the blink of an eye to a small corporate magazine. Small fact by the way: the IKEA catalog is applied in 198 million copies in 27 languages for 38 countries.

And wha’s new?

Gronadal is the secret heart of the new collection: A rocking chair rattan.

KVISTBRO – side table with storage hard recalls? Right, ferm living. IKEA, you small copycat.

Scandinavian design and artisan traditions form the inspiration for BJÖRKSNÄS. The collection consists of natural materials of as solid Birch, lambskin, leather, wool, linen, and blown glass. It contains approximately 40 products, including cabinets, Director’s chairs, benches, apparel, and accessories. The gentle coloring rises the natural environment of the Birch: white, black and green of the tree, blue sky and yellow of corn fields.


STOLMEN gets competition from its own ranks. Now comes the ELVARLI storage system:

no money and still want a new kitchen from? How about the SUNNERSTA mini kitchen? Matching: The TILLREDA fridge and the TILLREDA induction stove plate awarded with the “red dot design award’.


VARDAGEN glass and tableware are now also in grey.


The RENREPE pillow case: according to a valuable old embroidery the RENREPE pillowcase has a traditional pattern. Designed by designer Pauline Machado with the idea to give him such a handcrafted look. Traditional Swedish pillows the RENREPE Cushion cover shows a motif from plants, geometric patterns, and animals such as birds and deer.


More pictures from the new catalog:

IKEA Was founded in 1943. The name consists of the initials of the founder, Ingvar Kamprad, and the first letters of Elmtaryd farm in the village of Agunnaryd in southern Sweden, where he grew up. Ingvar Kamprad just 17 was when he had to register the name IKEA.