Interior News From Bolia – The Lookbook 2017

Only about fashion turned, then beauty was added at some point just yet about the food turned and now we can’t get enough of Interior. Granted, this development is not terribly new, but still pretty stubbornly adheres. Our four walls look more intense than before, the Cabinet must hold no longer 20 years, the House no longer as a dowry be true and beautiful is not longer just new. Significant finds its way into our home long ago, heirlooms provide for the necessary portion acts like a refreshing makeover story and new. Apartment trends turn over now so almost as quickly as trends from the fashion – who’s with since not every new thing, which sees itself but possibly less quickly tired of.

And yet: what is 2017, what should we consider again as quickly as possible through the flea market and what kinds of investments are really worth? The new Bolia catalogue for the coming year tells us there a little bit more: there goes ’ s namely to the new collection velvet and coloured sofas, to wood, to the collaboration with soul country and very much space by space. Here we go:



In all walks of life, like colorful course, and in all imaginable shapes and colors. No time ensures cosiness.



Chairs are fiberglass and plasticfantastic yesterday – by the classic wooden chair. To the ground, to the chest of drawers to the table – to the door. Has a significantly warmer and timeless.

Storage space


Who want to have s beautiful, you need very little of everything or a sophisticated system of hiding. Creates order in the blink of an eye. So it unfortunately never looks at me:

Colored sofas


The times of subtly grey or light blue sofas seems passé: and be brave will be rewarded. A pink, even a purplish seat vehicle conjures from any desperate room a small sweetie.

And still more bolia inspiration for 2017 compliant? Then you can see here again all our highlights from the bolia catalog 2017. happy apartment planning!