Interior Pink & Cosy Winter

I have no pink in the apartment, except for maybe a Saltcastor and well, possibly lying around somewhere even a small tray of pastelligeren times in the kitchen, but otherwise I follow me really strictly on Mondrian and clear primary colors, why I don’t know. A good question that I ask myself time and again, recently even in the face of the decision of the sofa, mainly but when I was once again at one of my friends tend to be Scandinavian-oriented visit, where I could feel sauwohl between dusky pink, Mausgrau and Taubengrau. Arrived back home I sit then between yellow, red and blue, and yearn for the just sighted lightness to the eye, at least temporarily. Because still not I intend to make Tabula Rasa with my Interior, I will soon probably treat me a pink robe as a consolation prize and be happy otherwise for others. For you for example. Please send me photos, you should be already or soon owned a velvet couch, that would me being already suffice. Whereby – such a small wall shelf has not hurt anyone:

Jacquard Kissenhülle
Kissen aus Jute
Samt Sofa
Vase mit Kork
Vase mit Ton
BoConcept Kerzenstander