Interior Update Part II the Living Room with Table and Light and Space to Write

LIO and I, we live now for quite a few months for two in our sunny top floor and because it should stay for the time being, let’s slowly but surely muckelig it – a not so easy task when all of a sudden not only one, but also a lot in the budget is missing. Step number one and to the new old home was therefore closely followed from the Decluttering complete changing of all spaces and no spaces, nothing at all should remain so as before, it had as it were a fresh (soft grey) painting at all levels. The bedroom was eventually to heaven game, the sitting area to the dining area and the desk slipped on the occasion of the summer right under the window. Until we have found ourselves but really, it will take a while. But I think and hope very firmly that we now only a few flea market finds by the be really homely are removed.

Just the other day I presented you the gilded bed, today follows turned the living room into the new. Lio and I, we slouch now anyway, which can be together at the pull-out Super dining table, on the good tinker they time to bake and play narrow-gauge railway. Are therefore only still missing: Lios rooms, the kitchen and the balcony. Sounds more than solvable. Now we are happy but right now about what’s already done:

A big thank you goes out to our site.
Thanks for all the support

Sofa: vintage
cabinets: vintage
pillow: HAY
coffee table: Aula of made (in gold)
vase: fish jug
ceiling lamp: Lab of our site
Poster: the Nothern sky by Sophie Ona
images: Superblast & Selbstgemalt
porcelain: Smarmoriati

Desk: Cornell
table lamp: Starkey of our site

Coffee table: Jenson (extendable)
ceramic bowls: HK living
rattan chair: pretty Denmark
wooden chair: Arne Jacobsen
plastic chair: Eames
Bank : IKEA
Biild: je’ j’aime via our site
carpet: Grandma