Interior Wishlist as from the Collection Box

When I moved to Berlin six years ago, I took nothing but an overnight bag and a few pictures. It was followed by: my bed and a few cosy accessories and belongings, which I still among the favorite items in my apartment. On the fly: Two silver candlesticks, a vase, silver tea light holder, a small jewelry box, red cushion and yellow porcelain. I got hold of furniture for the narrow valley that I replaced almost all of them at some point in the connection. Purchases that make today almost all madder than hell to me because they were so inconsiderate, taken little from the heart and more out of necessity. Since then I continually trying to make it better and to invest on value in including to reset (and it was second hand) and instead to think practically, to speak my heart. For one I found: an apartment must not work, because it is at its best when it gives her time to grow with her. But also, The more memories I in a supposedly dragged commodity in project, the more importance it has for me, a separation is ever more unlikely.

My string includes shelf, as well as the Eames rocking chair made of fiberglass, the Thonet, my IKEA Cork Bank, apothecary Cabinet, or the Boucherouite in the nursery. Purchases, I found mostly at the flea market and that make me always still overjoyed. What is missing? Rationally seen nothing at all, a few odds and ends you can for the own smorgasbord but still use, give further and give pleasure or simply languish, until the opportunity arises. And as varied as in the collection box can be found on my wish list – fully charged with memories.

I have a sofa and am not happy with it at all. Maybe it will you, Metro sleeper sofa Green Velvet sometime.
Already giving away, bought but never for me. I love this flower, which can express so much.
Once this rattan chair, lead and my colorful hodgepodge of Chair would be perfect!
You’re still looking for a Boucherouite, a Kilim, or a Beni Ourain? You will certainly find it at BerBerlin.
I must they strongly out of the basement of my mom dig, these beautiful matryoshka.
When stopped we actually to hang plates on the wall? Seletti wears toilet paper ensures that we will perhaps eventually relapse.
A classic that is so crazy, so pointless, so wonderful: the wooden dolls from Vitra.
And again wears Seletti toilet paper – this time as a pillow.
For a little bird education: 12 birds by Janine summer.
How nice would a corner only for the chess game? Of course not me unfortunately, but you may lack. Table and figures via Manufactum.
Embroidered cushion by urban Outfittes.
Seagrass baskets – the best alternative when it comes to flower planters.
Jewelry box with dancing ballerina-via eBay.
The rocking chair by Thonet – also through eBay.
Wall hanging Orianna.