Invention of LED Lights

LED lights: an invention from Nobel Prize

The world’s eyes are focused on the potential of led lights.

Invention of LED Lights

Incandescent lamps were given light to the 20th century, LEDs will illuminate the XXI.

With this short explanation 2014 Nobel Prize in physics was awarded to Isamu Akasaki and Hiroshi Amano of Nagoya University and Shuji Nakamura of the University of California, Santa Barbara.

These three Japanese scientists are dedicated to the research on semiconductor diode used for blue LEDs, which have enabled the creation of the new generation of energy-saving led bulbs.

They can also be operated at low voltage through the energy provided by a photovoltaic solar panel. Studies have shown that the use of led lamps may increase and improve the quality of life of 1.5 billion people have no access to electricity.

And for this aspect, related to the progress, research and positive impact on people,the three Japanese scientists were able to obtain the prestigious award, the Nobel Prize for physics.

Benefits of LED lights

Thanks to the invention of the led lamps, acronym that derived from Light Emitting Diodes, now everyone can choose to buy and use bulbs more efficient and durable than traditional lamps.

During the award of the Academy of Sciences, all we could learn that ben a quarter of world electricity is used to power the bulbs.

Blue led lights, which diffuse white light, can therefore help to save valuable resources of the planet.

Applications and therefore the potential of led lights that do not disperse heat likehalogen or fluorescent lamps are immense. Led bulbs, which in recent years have entered into our homes, represent only a fraction of their potential.

The LEDs have become one of the chosen ones for lighting homes, offices, shopping malls, hotels and even urban areas. For example, the various led products offered by Philips, allow grazing light effect lighting, General, functional guidance and much more.

LED drumsticks

Mario Nanni, Viabizzuno in 2009, designed to the magic wand led, a light fixture for interiors and exteriors, made of transparent polycarbonate and UV resistant.

This can be installed on walls and ceilings, using the attacks come standard or with the appropriate kit, also suspended.

Radiates white light, but rgb led version converter, you can modulate the light from white to different shades of color and comes in four sizes.

Worthy of note also the led stick Mantis, a real led lamp illuminates the pc keyboardwhen working no lights on around.

Mantis is a lamp clip – on, invented by Clinton Fleenor, which illuminates the work space with minimal interference with the surrounding environment.

It is portable and battery operated, is ideal for perfect visibility of the pc keyboard, but can also be placed on a bookshelf, on another counter, or at any other angle to be illuminated.

Ideal for work or dancing at night, is original even for its shape, like a rocket. Is for sale on Our site site.

LED lighting: new products

And proposals in and around field led: Led light fused together led system and design to create new products, of great charm.

As Cylinder, a ceiling fixture, ideal for the lighting of shop-Windows, stands, bookcases, shelves, entrances and corridors. Ceiling or wall Pillar, meant to illuminate entrances, porches, buildings and columns.

Among the creations of note is the led headlamp, offered by iGuzzini.

The introduction of the full range of led headlamps responds precisely to the need to combine lighting quality and energy efficiency. The LEDs provide the best performance in terms of lifespan, color constancy and efficiency.

To achieve adequate lighting design requires that each internal projector is equipped with optics, reflectors and lenses that produce a wide range of lighting effects: from highly concentrated light beams destined to small objects or the illumination of details, wall washer light beams for the uniform illumination of walls and vertical display surfaces.

Even IKEA has introduced a series of LED lamps.

Led lights have revolutionized the lighting sector. Lasting over two decades, can be integrated in lamps and for this reason is believed to be the most intelligent, functional and sustainable source of light. The assortment includes both led bulbs that lamps with cheap LED E27 bulbs.

Among the many examples of led lighting systems, we report the light that turns on automatically when you open a drawer and turns off when you close it. So do not waste energy and you have the convenience of seeing in all conditions.

There is also his version with a remote control that lets you choose the shade you want and change it later.

Other models of led lighting, indoor and outdoor, are offered by iGuzzini product range.

In the images you may also notice some areas of employment, in addition to the effect that always gives suggestions and impact.