JRJ fabrics: Decorating with Children’s Story Well Brazilian

Was the unlikely passion between a grumpy cat and a sky blue swallow which came the inspiration for the new collection of prints of the mark in Sao Paulo JRJ. Written by Jorge Amado, the love story won colors and contours at the hands of the multifaceted artist Carybé and convinced the publicist Tatiana Gabriel to invest in theme for the line.



Touched also by the arrival of your first child, Tatiana — that is a fan of children’s books — found in traces made by the artist for the work “the tabby and the andorinha Sinhá” the ideal repertoire for the delicate collection.


Transformed to the flagship of the development of a collection inspired by a classic of children’s literature, the traits that illustrate the book, published in 1976, follow, full of humor and with various demonstrations of love and companionship. The perfect recipe for fall will provide you with good taste for both the parents and the kids.




It was in this way that the varied patterns of twill (a mixed cotton, versatile and tough), gauze and adhesive tissue, in which appear the protagonists of the unlikely love story between a cat and a swallow, in addition to the special participation of secondary characters, like the Nightingale, named as responsible for trying to end the relationship.




Perfect for stamping pads, bedspreads and curtains, in addition to also serve as wallpaper, the line includes complementary patterns and plain, striped always following the original colors used in the work.




Cute, no?