Kähler Wall Clock

It was not so long ago I wrote and showed a variety of wall clocks forward here on the blog, but I completely forgot to get a Kähler wall clock with in the collection. I noticed one of their watches with a friend the other day, and thought it was actually quite nicely.

Kähler Wall Clock

I have to admit that it’s getting stuff from Kähler falling in my taste, but it’s probably most of all about that it’s become so popular that it is to be found in everyone’s home. This means, of course, of course, just that they have fat in the long end, and I think shame nor do I would say no thanks, if I now a day should get some functionalities of this brand, but I think never Kähler even I come to spend money on some of their products.

Kähler Wall Clock3

Kähler vægurerne found in a lot of nice colors, and although I’m still looking for a wall clock for the kitchen, so this is not quite right. I can certainly understand why I might want to invest in such a case here, and it is also one of the products from Kähler I thought best about. Like all other products of the Kähler, væguret here is also made of ceramics, which makes it very differently than many other wall clocks on the market.

Kähler Wall Clock2

Besides you can choose its Kähler wall clock in some lovely and nice colors from Phoenixwallclocks.com, you can also choose between two size – and as you can see above is designed nor quite similar on the two. The price is also a little difference on, fortunately, so everyone can participate! Which is your favorite? The Kähler wall clock I can personally well li ‘ the small version, where there are less numbers on, but what color it was supposed to be, I’m not so sure.

Kähler Wall Clock1