LED Light for Bicycle

Light bike Magic Shine MJ872, belongs to the latest generation of led lights for bicycles, from the first time we see it jumps to view its excellent completion and termination with a focus in a very content size aluminium.

The kit of the magic shine is composed of a focus that we set to the handlebar by a thick rubber which lets it fixed without any movement, a cable that connects battery and bulb and a battery that comes with a bracket that connects it to the bike via Velcro.
So far everything more or less normal, however our appreciation changes radically when becomes night and really begin to exit the qualities that make this rather exceptional light. With an estimated capacity of 1600 lumen and four operating modes, the magic shine since the first mode (25%) light up more or less the same as the majority of lights that boast about 900 lumen, and already when the maximum of 100%, the lighting provided by is simply incredible… The closest thing to take a car lights… that if with a size and very low weight.
At full power the magic shine almost makes us night day, allowing you to shoot with a wide beam of light and lighting fills no shadows nor empty, providing first security and confidence and allowing us to shoot obviously more quickly to the extent that it is possible to roll two bikers with a single light without any problem…

If we were to put a but, as the only one that comes to mind is its autonomy coded by the manufacturer in two hours at maximum power which obviously increases with lesser powers. And already released to put but the price is not a cheap light, but compensates for its price with the qualities that shows up. The led bicycle light can be purchased at EBICYCLELIGHTS.COM.

Features Model: MJ872

light bulb 6069-T6 aluminium with anodized anti abrasion finish


Colour: White number of leds 4

Battery: 4400mAh Li-ion battery 8.4V Rechargeable

Switch in lel light Clicky (Clickie)

Modes: 4 (100% / 70% / 50% / 30%)

Lighting 1600 lumens maximum brightness)

Duracion Up to 120 minutes run – time at 100% Lens:
Water resistant

Dimensions: (4.2 cm x 4.2 cm x 4.9 cm)
Pesot: (105 g

Accessories Included:
Battery bag; Battery pack; 100~240 v AC charger; US plug power cable; 2 x Rubber O-rings