Living in a Church in The Netherlands

I have to start saying that the first thing I fell in love of This church turned into housing they are the sheep false in the garden that find me really adorable. I like to think are not cardboard like that we have seen before in Decoesfera and if they do, I hope that where the Church is located doesn’t rain much, or I see them bad future.

The conversion of this Church of the Netherlands in housing, is a work of the team of Dutch Architects Leijh, Kappelhof, Seckel and van den Dobbelsteen. If outside the building and the environment are lovely inside it is really amazing, with a central staircase that divides the spaces and interesting color contrasts that leave no one indifferent.

As I said the ground floor revolves around the Central stairs, to that as we can see in the pictures has chosen a striking red color. On this floor we have kitchen, dining area and lounge, the three environments share a common space, but the stairs marked somehow the separation between them.

To one side of the stairs we have the narrow kitchen for my taste, Although I understand that it is designed from a functional point of view and it is not intended that the inhabitants of the House spend too much time on it. Steel has been the material of choice as the main protagonist and the design premium functionality and industrial-style.

On the other side of the stairs the seating area is located, This side has been more free space which in the kitchen. The color chosen for the sofa was black with a velvety finish which I do not quite convincing but it is also very striking. It contrasts with the white of the dining area we can see in the background in the image above.

Already on the top floor we have a bright and spacious work area. On two floors, with the detail of the shelves at the base of the ladder, a pleasant area of floor pillows for relaxation and a comfortable desk with plenty of free space to its around. No doubt this would be for my one of the favourite places of the House.

And we finished our tour of housing in the most private area where the bedroom and bathroom. The bathroom is perfect, white, wide bright and ideal as a relaxing area. In the bedroom I love the bed, but the color black for the walls although it gives great prominence to I do not serve.

I must admit that probably not could get used to living in a House as well. Seems to me difficult to assume this environment like in my home, but I love to see it as other housing or temporary accommodation. ES really original and surprising contrasts, especially in color and on each of their environments we can find lots of lovely details.