Look What You Can Do with an Apartment of 58 Square Meters

If your House isn’t Buckingham Palace but do not want to give up having a dream home I recommend that you look at what you can do with an apartment of 58 square meters.

In This small apartment in Stockholm not renounce nada, your Smeg, beautiful faucets, floors of luxury, dream kitchen, fashionable materials and colors that are trend, here it is shown that size doesn’t matter.

It makes nothing showed another perfect example of how to properly use your square meters, which will also help you guide for many other details, such as where to put the books or the bathroom: A fantastic apartment in Stockholm with a vintage touch.

To achieve this broad look has resigned to having more than one bedroom for a few large common spaces, such as the living room and the kitchen, It is ideal for a marriage without children and with many friends.

The central space is the room from where you can access a parco bedroom with desk area and a spectacular kitchen with dining area. To give a sense of spaciousness they have resorted to glass walls, giving light to the House.

We just travel in a very cute swim, where would I highlight its white color, the mosaic and faucets in old gold. Everything in this apartment I like, scattered throughout the House extra light wood and vintage furniture with a touch of industrial floors.

But what I have fallen in love with is the kitchen with its wooden table rustic in contrast to the black glossy ultra industrial-style lamp, the mosaic, its beautiful color palette based on Browns, black and those touches turquoise in the Smeg fridge and vintage school chairs.

If you feel like Add a bit of Turquoise in your kitchen Don’t miss this post where there are ideas of how to use it in a variety of decorative styles, add a turquoise touch to your kitchen, I assure you that you’ll love.

Other beautiful details that I would like to appoint they are the staircase in the room to order clothing and chests scattered around the House series Auxiliary Unit mode to save thousand and one tackle, are decorative elements and at the same time very practios to order.

I love how they have placed Arabian films in the living room, the original plasterwork of the House, the leather lounge chairs, and chromatic contrasts between the white, Brown and black. Is in short a good exercise of design, decoration, and use of space and light.