May, the Month of YES

It is undeniable: the wedding parties are becoming more daring and are able to convey clearly the essence and personality of the couple. Modern ceremonies can appear through a contemporary decor, a visual unglued by the bride and groom or by a different party. And contrary to what one might think, a modern marriage does not mean abandoning all traditions (the marriage itself is already one of the most beautiful traditions), but translate the style of the couple on the big day.


The market, of course, also has closely followed this change. Even more traditional brides are opting for a wedding party with at least one unusual item, able to surprise your guests. For this it is necessary to be aware of the news and search. To celebrate the month of may, also known as the month of brides, Bontempo brings a series of tips for those who are about to say YES and wish to provide and live a magical moment – able to go down in history.

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Perpetuating with a hashtag: no wait the pictures stay ready a few months after the wedding. The novelty now is ask the guests to take pictures with his cell phone and post in real time on social networks with a unique hashtag. The bride and groom either, photographing the most unusual moments and making them available on the internet. A poster with the hashtag may be ready soon on arrival, so that no one be sure to participate in the collective album.

The blessing that comes close: invite a friend or family member to perform the ceremony. This trend is a great option for those who want to have a ceremony personal and exciting. This option is more intimate to guarantee unforgettable moments and good surprises.

Love and decoration in a mix: the decoration that unites different shades and colors are gaining space in most modern marriages and is a trend that is here to stay. Mix different shades such as red, yellow and orange with flowers and pictures is daring and generates an incredible result.

Relax in intimacy: for a cooler and informal wedding, all creativity is welcome. Many colors in the flowers, bottles (colored, painted, covered), balloons, books, personal belongings of the families and dynamism with ups and downs at the tables create a “home wedding”. Don’t forget to trunks and suitcases, unpretentious and lightness in time to combine the pieces. Mixing styles is also more than just released: rustic furniture with chic and vintage parts; colonial or Victorian parts with rugs or pads, colored or Indian tribal; furniture or parts with Provencal style with modern objects. Objects from the House of the couple as frames and books are great choices.

A classic revisited: the most traditional weddings remains white and green décor, the colonial or Victorian furniture. Real weddings bet in this combination and have no error. In addition to crystal chandeliers, silver worked and porcelain also mark a traditional wedding. Income and some vintage elements in the decoration (Crystal or silver pieces like chandeliers) will give the event a more connected. The flower arrangements should be large, high and round.

A surprise menu: serve a snack there by the wee hours of the morning is a way to keep your guests having fun for longer and with more energy. Cheese bread, crepe, mini hot dogs, cookies with milk, popcorn, ice cream, burgers and soups served in bowls are a guarantee of success.

Taking a break for the waltz:the waltz is a time to celebrate the Union after the ceremony, but it need not be the classic ever. A song that has marked the history of the couple leave the moment a lot more intense and relaxed.

Did you know? The most curious about why may be the “Month of brides” comes from the northern hemisphere, where the period marks the beginning of spring. As in the Middle Ages was virtually impossible to take a shower in freezing temperatures, it was hoped the month of may so that the shower was viable, in order to mitigate possible odors. In addition to the favourable temperature, may also is considered the month of flowers in the old continent, making it one of the most beautiful months of the year. So enjoyed the period to use flowers in the bath and in the decoration of the ceremonies, which later would lead to the tradition of the famous bouquets.