Menu, the Detail that Makes the Difference

Wedding, birthday or even a house party for a few guests. Regardless of the occasion, having a custom menu can serve both to inform and to decorate the table. It is important to remember that’s what guests should find the list of dishes and drinks will be served during the party and, in more elaborate menus, it is essential to contain information for people allergic or with dietary restrictions.

As for your location, the options are numerous: the menu can be on the table, in the sousplat or even inside a glass or napkin. Just dare and pushing your creativity. Another tip is to leave it in a prominent place, such as near the buffet, for example. When it comes to decor, ideally the visual identity of the menu is aligned with the theme of the party. It’s not a mandatory item, but definitely a useful detail and full of charm, able to complement a very interesting table decoration.



Below, we separate other creative suggestions and full of charm for those who want to leave your party even more beautiful.

Check out:

To save


Menus in a notebook or small blocks turn into a delicate keepsake. The same goes for those made with folding or in many formats.

On cloth


Use a fabric pen to write the menu in a mini wooden frame with cotton.

To whet your appetite


A box with an aperitif can be the announcement of what’s next. The paper sachet can also turn menu – just perfect in calligraphy.

Delicate bollards


“Hidden” menu between the plate and the napkin and tied up as a beautiful Ribbon is a great creative option, as well as in the form of tags, that can be attached to small bottles.

Take note


Starter, main course and dessert, all written on a chalkboard. Perfect for more informal occasions.

Abusing transparencies


Accommodated in glasses, the menu is graceful and functional.



Small, the use of the catch can make all the difference when using the menu as decorative item.

Two in one


The strip of paper with the menu of the day also serves as a napkin ring.

Get inspired!