Neon: the Colorful Invasion in Decorating

Featured in the 80, where shared attention with the design typical of the New Wavestyle, in neon colors come out of the walkways of anew and steady place on House decoration of the most attuned. Now, discrete tones and neutrals like nude, beige, ivory and white serve as backdrop to highlight and follow contemporary more vibrant details.


Few things are able to completely transform the look of an environment as a beautiful wallpaper (as we’ve talked about here). Easy to use and absolutely democratic, as there is in various colors and prints, the material can coat rooms, only a wall or even more humid spaces such as the bathroom.



Select the use of shades fluoride is a good tip for those who want to completely transform an environment. Among the most used colors are lime green, pink, pink shades of purple and yellow. To avoid exaggeration, one option is to add small objects in the color of your preference. Neon decor can be made with pillows, picture frames and even doors. A runner or a small wall can also win a colorful paint or being enriched with a modern wallpaper that has details on fluoride.






Another interesting way to use shades full of life is to combine them with more delicate versions of the same color. For example, rose-pink cushions in an armchair in the same tonality, in a lighter tone. Thus, the colors blend together, but also stand out.

The secret to a harmonious environment is balance. Go on experimenting, adding small decorative details. Then don’t be afraid to dare: who know include other accessories such as lamps and even small furniture such as chairs and tables?


For a house full of personality.