Open House: House Pedroso in Buenos Aires by Luciano Kruk and Maria Victoria Besonias.

Glass and wood are ideal materials to integrate a new housing construction in a natural environment as that corresponds to the House that we can see in the images in this article. In this particular case wood and glass he accompanies them concrete that it leads to most of the façade and structure.

The House is called House Pedroso, is located in Buenos Aires and has been designed by Maria Victoria Besonias and Luciano Kruk and built last year. It is an excellent example of how with simple forms and basic materials you can get a set of Nice and cozy and very well integrated in the environment that surrounds it.

As we can see in the picture above, the House is distributed in two heights, in the highest area we have the common spaces, living room and dining room with kitchen. In the lower area, which is how semi-underground is where we are with the more private area and in particular the bedroom.

The communication between the inside and the outside House is essential to your integration into the environment, throughout the House opens towards the natural environment that surrounds it, and there’s even continuity between the inside and the outside of the House, mostly in the living area and in the common spaces in general.

This interior exterior so closely, makes in addition the House very clear, since invades it natural light from all parts and circulates freely with it. We can still see that in housing also artificial lighting has has taken care to detail to compensate for the lack of clarity in low light hours.

Part of the furnishings are in work and some have even been built with the same concrete that has been done the façade, thus following the trend of integrate indoor and outdoor and establish continuity between the housing on the inside and outside and with all that surrounds it.

It is a somewhat atypical House in which the outside area has as much or more importance to own the House stays. In fact the House has been constructed based on what surrounds it and therefore, in a way, is the external environment which has a greater role and House is limited to integrate into the.

Only the bedroom, to be slightly buried in the lower part of the housing, cobra some privacy and becomes slightly independent from the outside, but what is the upstairs lounge area is linked entirely to the field and trees that are outside.