Open House: The House of a DJ in Sao Paulo

All know the saying, ‘tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are’, as well, in Decoesfera are about to make a new version ‘tell me what House you have and I’ll tell you what you do’. The House one can say a lot about your personality, about his hobbies and even your work.

This time we are going to learn is the of a DJ based in Sao Paulo, This first image may not be the most representative of the occupation of its inhabitant, the pastels of the sofa are somewhat unexpected. But in the rest of the House you will find a lot of interesting details and winks to your profession.

There is something emphasized throughout the House and is the cement walls that gives the House that long-desired industrial touch. In this case the cement not contrasts with wood, but to get the cozy atmosphere that everyone likes, even DJs, large carpets are used in various parts of the House.

In the kitchen, as we can see in the image above, begin to collect prominence dark colors. Although there are contrasts with light and cheerful shades like yellow, black becomes one of the most important tones to appear on some surfaces and all appliances.

This area, which is located next to the kitchen and just behind the living room is without a doubt the most personal. For some it will be interpreted as an area of leisure and for other work, the case is that it is it where more clear is the occupation of the inhabitant of the House at the sight of Mixer and decorative details.

The bedroom also used dark colors contrasted with the white of bed linen that transmits a sensation of freshness and cleanliness. The room has so male careless care touch and printing in the bedroom a great personality.

It is a small bedroom and that’s why it is not suitable to abusing the decorative details, but for my taste however is very welcoming. The lighting is warm, the rough cement contrasts with the softness of the textile articles and details are few but very personal to create a feeling of home.

In the bathroom the style remains the same as the rest of the House. The Black bathtub This place has a great role. In this case I have to say that I don’t like as much as the bedroom, too straight in the forms, I would prefer a smoother curved lines.

But we must recognize that the bath fits perfectly in the style that has been defined in the home and that means that it corresponds with the personality of its owner and especially with his profession. Insurance that doesn’t cost you very much imagine DJ enjoying a bath relaxation and good music in her bathtub would that not?.