Owl Night Light

Nightlights and me, a great love story…

Owl Night Light

I am fascinated by these pretty little lights designed to help babies fall asleep.
And in recent years, the brands compete creativity and technology to offer there is nicer to our little Brown heads! (Home small heads are brown).

It is the case of this adorable night light “OWL Lou” of Zazu, that can be found on Magic cradle.
I love the really nice, clean and lovely design! I love owls…

This night light, in addition to being beautiful, is equipped with advanced technology to light up when the child cries or call. Thus allowing to be reassured by the light, or, to move in the dark (if he calls because he has an urge, for example).
It is also convenient because it allows three different ignitions:
-The ring and the OWL light for a pretty strong brightness
-Only the ring lights pure a more subdued light
-Only the OWL turns a night light effect

In addition, a button to adjust the light ring and the OWL distinctly in order to moderate the intensity of each part.

These decorative LED nightlights are so beautiful and very convenient!
Just what I like!
I installed it in the room of hazelnut, very decorative, I’m really falling for the face of this cute little OWL!
Hazelnut like I turn on his back burner, she the pint of the finger, look at me, expresses his joy by various incomprehensible onomatopoeia, but seems very happy with this little miracle of light in his room!

In short, it’s cheerful, sweet, helpful. The ideal birth gift to offer or afford!

As good news just never alone, cradle Magic allows me to offer you a Lou OWL Nightlight! The same model as that of hazelnut, with Grey Owl.

To try your luck, I suggest visit you the Cradle magicsite, and come back to tell me how to color this night light is sold on this site!
You can like the Facebook of Zazu page if the heart tells you!
I’ll leave until June 20, 2015, noon! Good luck!