Parisian Inspiration for The Return of Holidays

I love Paris, I can not help it. The city, the atmosphere of its streets, its architecture, underground, its terraces, gastronomy… exert a special attraction in the millions of tourists who visit each year, and seeking to sometimes take a bit of that city to their homes.

Indeed, searching the net for a detail of Parisian airs for a labor issue, I found this collection of Westwing that pays homage to the environment that was experienced over the years in the French capital, with lanterns, mirrors, book boxes, coat racks and one wide range of products that will bring to your home the atmosphere of the city of love.

A lamp inspired by the Eiffel Tower

Is there anything more Parisian than the Eiffel Tower? He has appeared in pictures, movies, TV shows… It has also inspired furniture designs and plug-ins like this home metal table lamp with beige color display.

To know the time

If you are looking for a wall clock to know the time at any time, this Watch DM in colors and with Roman numerals you will come in great to give a Bohemian to your living room or your kitchen.

Nice hangers with waiters

Paris is famous for its restaurants, its terraces, for its bistros… And these metal hangers they make reference to that environment with sympathetic images of Parisian waiters serving coffee in the traditional terraces of the French capital.

A digital photo frame window

If you like to have the House full of photos, perhaps you fit this picture frames as traditional wood windows in the neighboring country, accommodating up to 6 photos.

Mugs pour le Déjeuner competitive

I have to admit that I am a real fan of of the mugs. In fact, my partner already has cast me brake because at home they do not fit us more… Even so, this set of four mugs of ceramics with decorative elements suchas Eiffel Tower, a beautiful bike or some keys are simply precious.

Handkerchiefs box

For all those who need tissues at any time and at any time, this beautiful tissue box It is ideal for placing in the bathroom, or even in the living room, which thanks to its design with romantic airs and with birds, you will be as a decorative element more unless you highlight too.

A screen with much charm

A screen is always good. Change behind it, to hide the disorder in an area of our House, to divide environments… In this case, this folding screen with four frames It is inspired by a charming Parisian florist, with blue as the color protagonist.