Petzl Tikkina 2 Headlamp Review

For our this year’s multi-day hike, we needed a new headlamp for the dark hut nights. Our choice fell on the Petzl TIKKINA 2. For relatively little money, you get thanks to the LEDs sufficient luminance and a long burn-time. This headlamps illuminated test (HOHO) the pros and cons of  Petzl TIKKINA 2.

Petzl Tikkina 2 Headlamp Review

Requirements of this test Headlamps

The main task of the headlamp was to be able to read at night in the dormitory in the hut without the other hikers to interfere with sleep. It must also brighten the toilet the night transition from the bed. Similarly, if you are traveling in the mountains even after the sunset, the mountain trail should still be visible.

These requirements do not meet the highest standards, but make sure to most hikers or other users of headlamps on.


The Petzl TIKKINA 2 is very easy to handle. The elastic headband is adjustable and can be set to the appropriate head circumference. The lamp can be changed in 5 different positions at an angle. To read them is displaced all the way down and around to orient themselves in the dark outside, provides you the angle again higher. The mechanism is smooth and works flawlessly.

To insert or replace the batteries, operated to the small lever on the upper side of the lamp. In the opening one uses 3 AAA batteries. These are not included!

The headlamp is in the four colors of electric blue, lime, orange, french rose available.


For our purpose, the brightness of the headlamp was always sufficient. In the cabins lower brightness is more advantageous not to wake the other guests in the dormitory. A second click on the power switch of the lamp, the weaker and more energy-saving lamps stage sets. We have used them on camping trips in the tent and there was the second luminous level always perfectly adequate to get your bearings.

The Trails could also be sufficiently illuminated by the light width of 23 m.Although one must not acquire average luminosity expect but to find its way it was good enough.

Even those who are at night in the city by bike, can illuminate his path well and is seen early by oncoming traffic. Einiziges shortcoming for cyclists is the lack of a blinking light. Try GARYFLASHLIGHTS for CREE flashlight.

Lighting time

At maximum luminous stage a burn time of 55 hours and at a reduced luminous level is given a burn time of 190 hours. I can not precisely estimate whether these values ​​correspond to reality. We bought our specimens taken time before our trip and had it even before that a few times at 3-4 day tours in use. And without changing the batteries we have come so without any problems in 34 days from Munich to Venice.

On average, the headlamps were doing 15-30 minutes per day in operation.And until now had to be replaced no battery. In my eyes, the light duration is thus very good!


The headlamp consists mainly of plastic. That makes for a course not a particularly robust impression, the lamp, make it very easy. And since the weight has a great influence on the wearing comfort, a lightweight headlamp is more important than an exceptionally robust.

With its 81 g it is in comparison to many other headlamps in midfield. While there are some lighter Strinlampen, but that is also reflected quickly in price again. Moreover, I never had the feeling that the  Petzl TIKKINA 2  is too heavy, but always found wearing very pleasant.

The  Petzl TIKKINA 2  is  well made, despite the plastic case and has always worked perfectly during the 34 days of use by our remote migration.


Currently that is Petzl TIKKINA 2 from € 14.95 available. In this performance class, it is difficult to find something cheaper with the same quality.

Have particularly liked the battery life, the simple handling and low weight.The brightness is not at the highest level, but is completely sufficient for most activities such as camping, hut trips or nocturnal bike ride. Those looking for an affordable and quality qualitätiv Strinlampe, is well advised with the Petzl TIKKINA 2 thanks to the excellent price-performance. Clear purchase recommendation on my part.