To think in pink can come many things on your mind related to the feminine universe and childish. But when it comes to decorating the conventional wisdom sends her to take it easy! Contrary to what many people imagine it is possible Yes, create a modern environment and current betting on pink decor without it sounding like I was created for a little girl.

Use the pink decor with caution, because she already calls attention to itself, but don’t be afraid to paint a wall, place a couch, a pillow, a blanket, carpet, curtains or light fixture in that tone. Gets the more relaxed environment, stimulating and the results can be amazing. Doubt it? Here are some examples of pink decoration that parted to inspire you!

Pink Decoration Products

The pink decor can say many things about you, that kind of decoration transmits sweetness, kindness, affection and of course, femininity. Come to think of it, the Lolahome brings a large line of products for pink decoration that promise to leave your House even more with your man, check out this url: