Plaid Tablecloth

Red Tablecloth

As much as the furniture industry is always innovating and creating original furniture, some decorative pieces never fall behind. The tables, for example, every modern day gain, bold and sometimes unusual designs. However, the traditional tablecloth is always a presence with its utility and beauty. Among its various types, it is the red tablecloth, ideal to highlight the mobile and practice for when you want to protect it and decorate it.


Made of different fabrics, shapes and colors, the red tablecloth is useful for various models of mobile with sizes geared to all needs and tastes. And the best: it not only serves for the day to day, as is super decorative for events and special dates. The knows the advantages of a red tablecloth and brings following a little more about the item, its uses and variations. Check it!


Different Red Tablecloth Models

Vibrant and charming, the red tablecloth delights for their aesthetic outstanding and passionate. Its aspect is defined mainly by the tissues with which it is made, including cotton, linen or render, the most common. Besides them, there are models made of knit or crochet, delicate and craft.

Data finishes the red tablecloth is another very characteristic attribute of the piece. The first and most classic of them is smooth and bright or dark tones, but you can also find embroidered versions, with the mixture of other colors or floral prints, stripes, plaids, polka dots and fruits of.


About formats, the square tablecloth is among the top towels in red. However, there are also towel round and rectangular patterns red table. When oval, small or long, saw perfect paths or table centerpieces.


Red Tablecloth Special Occasions

Besides being useful to that romantic dinner or exclusive lunch you like to take home to family and friends, the red tablecloth is wildcard to create beautiful tables and beautiful presentations for theme parties and special events. Among the most used and usual is called towel Christmas table, which usually presents patterns in chess and the red, white and green colors.

To create a Christmas table, the tip is to apply towels overlay technique, leaving a white towel income or jute on a towel square red table. For decorative items and tableware, prefer the golden color, ensuring brightness and elegance. It has been the chosen style was more stripped down and tropical, you can use the towel on red table foods like coconut, cashews and fresh pepper, and ornaments like bells and pine cones.


Ideas for Serving with the Red Tablecloth

At home, the red tablecloth can be the touch that was missing in the dining room or kitchen, in addition to helping the mobile to become more dynamic and attractive, regardless of style. For a rustic and delicate décor, for example, the suggestion is to have a red tablecloth crochet or linen with polka dots . But if the environment is more modern style, bet on cotton model or income without prints.

Once you’ve chosen your type of ideal red tablecloth, just vary in the compositions and create enchanting scenery!