Professional Drinks and Wine Openers

On,you can find a lot of different openers, which will make it much fatter to open a bottle of wine!

Professional Drinks and Wine Openers 3

We negotiate corkscrews, ice buckets, shakers, bestow jams, measuring cups, champagne coolers, and a lot of other things that will make it easier for you to serve drinks, wine, beer and champagne – and at the same time make you look professional while doing it.

Professional Drinks and Wine Openers 2

Our large selection ranges widely, and there is something for everyone, whether you are into the simple expression, the retro look, or would like to have a tool that can serve a lot of different things at once, so you will find it here. There’s something in every price range, so you are guaranteed to find what you need, without having to rid of an unreasonable amount for it.

Wine Bottle Opener

You must have a lot of people to the party, or simply enjoy a glass of wine after dinner on weekdays, so it is important to have the equipment to suit one’s temperament — whether it is an old-style corkscrew, a wing corkscrew or something else, so you’ll probably find it here!

Professional Drinks and Wine Openers 1