Red is a bright color, beauty and daring. Have a red kitchen demonstrates personality and reflects a highly energetic space.

Decorating with red asks for trust. While a Red kitchen makes a bold statement, it’s also a very cozy environment. To have red kitchens at home, you can bet on a variety of styles, from contemporary to vintage.

However, to think red kitchen décor without making mistakes to hand, it is important to think of a focal point in the environment. For example, in some kitchens, use red for all cabinets can become overwhelming and exhausting. Instead, you can use the color red to highlight a Bank of cabinets with a specific purpose. That is, linking individual pieces, you create a focal point red.

Check the post and see examples of Red kitchen, where the color was very well incorporated, leaving the cozy environment without losing the boldness.

Incorporating elements to have a red kitchen

The ideal is that you plan the Red kitchen focal point without losing the hand. In other words, choose what needs to be highlighted and include color. The focal point can be a bench, some cabinets, the floor or even the table. In addition, the final touch of the Red kitchen, can be in the distribution of some kitchen tools, which in addition to decorating will bring convenience to the environment.

Red kitchen Center cabinets

Red Cabinets can be worked with countertops and sinks in black or neutral tones. That is, combining these shades, you can have a red kitchen without running the risk of leaving the environment be loaded.

A good idea is to Merge wood cabinets in partnership with cabinets in shades of bright red. So, you have a casual cuisine that is also recommended for dates.

Walls as focal point of the kitchen Red

Intense red Walls provide a dramatic setting for display shelves. When we have red walls, the ideal is to distribute white cabinets to maintain red as dominant color in the kitchen, without leaving a look tired.

A great idea is to frame red walls with patterned shades, making it a focal point highly distinct from the other elements. The Tip to be red kitchen investing in wall is always add another element following the standard red wall.

For those who like red kitchens, but has to embrace a fear boldest project, worth start investing in small utensils and objects. Towels, Rails, placemats, napkins, sousplat, floral arrangements or chairs already mark a good start.