Rugs for Living Room Area

Many people choose to use carpet in the room for several reasons, but overall it’s just to take a fixer-upper in the decoration. It hangs out at the foot of the bed or in the entire room. The room is a room that show the personality of who sleeps in it, and sometime it shows a lot about the relationship. See tips for bedroom rugs.

Know the size of the room, and analyze the decoration is very important before you buy the rug. The more expensive the carpet is, the better it is, but it cannot be expensive than the room itself, of course. The carpet also have to match what already exists.

Another important point about the bedroom rugs is that they need to be proportionate. You can’t put a tiny little rug in a huge room and, which can not make the room more beautiful.

If you live in an apartment, the carpet can drown out the noise of footsteps, the jumps, the dragged chairs and other noises in the room.

If you have respiratory problems, look for less fluffy carpets because they collect less dust. Using the vacuum cleaner at least once a week is essential, regardless of the thickness of the carpet.

In children’s bedrooms, the ideal is to use a darker carpet and washable fabric like polyester and nylon. Those with pets or landscape patterns are more suitable to children’s room decor.

For girls, the patterns about the Princess, Chicken Pintadinha, Peppa Pig, Backyardigans, etc are very suitable. Cars, Mickey, and the Backyardigans patterns can be chose for boys. Something which have layered applications are even better for children, because these applications seem to throw pillows.

You can combine your child’s bedroom carpet with the wallpaper or the rest of the decor. It’s cool that the carpet is appropriate so that he can play at the top.

If your child has a breathing problem, prefer the mats in EVA, otherwise, there’s no problem in using the tissue, including the carpets, and they are beautiful and cozy.

This type of carpet can be found in specialty stores or even order it.

If you like fancy decor, you can use Persian or Belgian rugs. For a more simple but beautiful decoration, you can also use Baroque carpets in knitting or crocheting. Just choose what you like.

Pay attention to some details in your bedroom carpet:

  • It can fade if receive sunlight too often; avoid this incidence in warmer times.
  • The accumulation of dust ruins the carpet fibers, so the solution is to vacuum once a week at most.
  • The humidity also damage the carpet, avoid leaving it wet.

The carpets are indispensable parts of decoration, and they should not only be found in the living room. They look great in bedrooms and transform the environment.