Rules in Time to Decorate? A Lie!

Mixing prints pollutes the look of a room? Dark colors diminish the environment? These and many other issues come to the fore when it comes to decorating. And building on the 1st of April, the date on which we celebrate the “April Fool’s day,” Bontempo demystifies some of the decorating rules used to date and that in some ways are quite obsolete. After all, a sophisticated and charming not only depends on patterns, and the personality and the good taste of its residents. In fact, creativity, customization and boldness are the big trends in decoration. And we support.



Vibrant colors don’t match each other
For those who wish to dare, the use of strong colors such as yellow, purple and Red are great choices and do not need to be restricted only to the decorative objects. Wallpapers, for example, are more than welcome in any room of the House. With living hues and easy application, become protagonists of the decoration and brighten and transform an environment.




The more light bulbs, better
When properly positioned, just a few spots of light are able to enhance the environment in ways surprising. Look great, for example, when placed on the wall paintings and props. Choose strategic points in the room and opt for lamps of different heights or even spots on the ceiling.



Are monochromatic monotonous environments
Monochrome spaces can be sophisticated and cosy, just use the creativity and beautiful decorative objects. Also serve as a basis for sudden changes of decoration, allowing the insertion of dots of color when it is in the interests of the resident. White, beige and grey are the colors that are ideal for those who don’t want to risk it, but at the same time seeking an environment clean, versatile and look again.




Different metals should not be mixed
In contemporary environments, you will see glass coffee tables, wooden side tables, aluminum chairs and armchairs with metal feet. The mixture promotes a more diverse and functional room.




Antique furniture with modern
The mixture of classical pieces with modern furniture as well as vintage pieces with rustic furniture, etc, also brings a nice dose of charm to a room. The contrast makes the room more interesting and Rico, showing your entire personality.

Get inspired!