Savannah: African Trends in Decoration

Luxury, balance, mysticism and details which refer to the nature and Safari. This impressive mix is part of the ethnic African style of decorating and is able to take sophisticated form the cultural plurality of a continent into your home.


Here are some tips and get inspired!

Use a palette of colors in earthy tones
The colors are key elements in the creation of the savanna climate. Choose shades of cream, Brown and green, able to evoke the Earth and the classic artwork of African tribes.

Choose natural materials
Wood, clay, leather, wicker and other native materials are components in the lifestyle of the region and will give your decor a greater sense of authenticity and rustic appeal. Wood, in particular, is central to the aesthetics, because the sculptures made of material are part of the artistic traditions of many tribes.


Choose a focal point
A wall without doors or Windows should be chosen as “special”. Consider painting it a darker tone than the others to create depth and attention. Fill the space with one or more African masks, paintings illustrating life in the region, or mirrors of brass or wooden frame. In fact, the typical mask is able to provoke controversial feelings. Its function is to protect, representing a cover for the incorporation of spirits and the possibility of acquiring magical forces. However, there are some who think the pieces a bit scary.



Sculptures are welcome
A sculpture of an animal (or several) is an elegant way to honor the wildlife of Africa and their amazing craftsmen. The parts are transformed into beautiful Add-ons when placed near handcrafted furniture and objects with prints of animal print.


Do not overdo it
The key to decorate in style Savannah without turning your House into a Zoo is moderation. The compositions of spaces in Africa are thought to allow air circulation, since there the weather is moist. So don’t overdo it on the furniture or accessories. Balance the patterns to create an organized environment and breathing.


The style is timeless and the beauty and diversity of African culture are sources of inspiration. Create your own wild space and charm.