Shelves and Shelves: to Organize the House with Charm

Light, irregular and versatile, the bookcases and shelves are increasingly drawing attention for their bold shapes, vibrant colors and features entirely in line with the decor. In addition to being fundamental parts in the House of those who want an excellent organization, such items are actually capable of giving: democratic charm to any room of the House, the bathroom to the kitchen, the bedroom into the living room, bookcases and shelves are synonymous of modernity and good taste.

Found in different materials such as wood, glass and stainless steel, for example, the use of these objects is able to bring breadth to an environment: in white or light colored wood are great choices and work very well in this case. For offices and rooms, opting for modules in bolder hues, such as red and yellow, is a great resource for those who want a contemporary space and full of bossa.

In the kitchen, corner shelves are perfect for exposing a beautiful collection of porcelain. As more pieces on display, the better! In the bathroom, a charming iron shelf can serve to store towels and cosmetics. In smaller homes, even the space beneath a staircase can transform into a library, simply use shelves and finer niches to share and store your books. Such separation allows even an organization by colors and proportions. Cute, no?

These compartments, in addition to putting its house in order, can also be used in decoration. To enhance further the objects exposed in a bookcase or shelf, like a beautiful vase, paintings, photos or souvenirs of trips, for example, choose to leave some empty spaces.

Inspire yourself and choose the option that is more in line with your needs.