Small Houses of Wood for Students

If you have lived in a student flat, or better still, if you have searched student apartment for rent in a university town, you’ll be cured haunted. I did the race in Santiago de Compostela, but I’m not here, so for years I suffered torture look habitable apartment for student.

There’s even a documentary on the floors of students in my city, some are really terrifying, I’ve seen much more comfortable and much more stylish booths for the dog. The issue is that with the experience I have in this type of housing, I found fantastic the idea of creating for students small wooden houses individual and which you can see in the photos of this article.

The project corresponds to the University of Lund in Sweden and is scheduled operation in 2014, is as a residence for students but formed by small houses. The work is of Tengbom in collaboration with Martinsons and AF Scandic and it provides a series of ten square meters that, in addition to ribbons, are practical and ecological houses.

Cottages are equipped with study area, kitchen, bathroom, a loft for sleeping and even a small garden to spend time in the air free. The natural wood contrasts with green details lima that you give a bright and cheerful. Then each student will add accessories and decoration to your tastes to customize, but the cottage has everything you need.

In addition the House will be included in a set of more than twenty, so although there will be no roommates Yes There will be neighbors with whom they share the student experience. It is true that the shared apartment has its charm, I have great and very pleasant memories of my university stage, but if at that time they had offered me a House like this I do not think that he could resist to accept.