Spectacular Renovation of a Victorian House in Brooklyn

The Victorian style is very distinctive, is characterized by the abarrocamiento in all aspects of decoration, from covering the walls, floors and ceilings of wood very, put windows glazed with complex designs and a multitude of colors, not to mention the surfeit of prints and mahogany furniture to decorate the houses, with a pretty grim outcome.

You may ask that both coated and abarrocamiento how you can get a cosmopolitan decor cozy and simple, then take a look at this spectacular renovation of a Victorian house in Brooklyn, have and more than.

It may not be your decorative style preferred, but remodeling is all beauty and also very cozy, meticulous down to the smallest detail, they have retained the character of the House and they have stripped it of superfluous, giving a new and fresh air.

The interior design project is run by the Interior Designer from Tamara Eaton, who has worked closely with with the owners of the House, Anderson, to mix furniture that already had with new parts. Although all should say, at some point was any further discussion.

A sensational home in Park Slope with panels of mahogany and intricate inlays, located a few streets away PS 321 and a coveted primary school, perfect for the Andersen, a family with children.

If the House was mine, I wish!, would have dispensed with the tones LILACS and roses on the walls, and I had used beige, gray and white, as they have in the master bedroom, with a very welcoming outcome and in the living room, with a very clean air.

The decorative elements that most called my attention are the Lounge Chair the Eames armchair in White leather, wood deer head, the Ottoman upholstered with giant Wales print in red, It could be perfectly of Martina Spreal, I recommend that you take a look at this link delicacy and beauty in the Martina Sperl, modern designs with a vintage-inspired furniture.

I also love that they have maintained all wood, beautiful wood floors patterned geometric-based inlays of wood of different colors and mother-of-Pearl, wood stairs, chimneys worked, the coffered ceilings of windows and doors. Without forget the precious work of plasterwork on the ceilings.

And what least I liked is the medley of patterns, colors and textures, the desktop of the office of Ms. Andersen and Timoth Youlton metal Chair, but against likes no writings, what do you think?, would you change anything? or as is already like.