Steel Sheet in Decoration

The use of steel plates as a constructive solution structural is already widely known by architects and engineers. However the steel has become an alternative each time more valued for finishes and furnishings, both in interior as in outside areas.

Steel Sheet in Decoration

The Casa Cor, one of the leading event decoration in Brazil, has invested in environments that use the steel to provide results that are more modern, with use of space and high sophistication. In the Casa Cor Paraná 2015, for example, several renowned architects have presented in-house solutions in the steel, such as: Samara Barbosa, Renata Pisani, Cristiane Maciel and Sony Luczyszyn.

Steel cutting for decoration

Among the alternatives used to optimize and modernize the use of this material are the sections of the steel plates. For the case of an industrial procedure for high precision, it is possible to carry out the work artistically complex. One of the examples of this are the cuts that were made by the architect, artist and designer Leo Romano during the Casa Cor 2013, in which the plates of carbon steel passed by the plasma cutting, acquiring a aspect income in the steel.

Other architects have also used the high technology and the precision of the cut steel to perform finishing of internal environments, such as bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and offices. All the environments can be benefited. Between some options of use are:

  • The stairs and handrail;
  • The walls of the environment;
  • Wall coated with steel plate;
  • Portals and entrances into steel bent;
  • Tables, desks and seats;
  • Cabinets with galvanized sheet;
  • Pilasters

Advantages of Corten Steel

One of the materials steel a favorite of architects and designers is the Steel Patinável, or also known as Corten Steel which is the brand name of the Corten, which stands out by its composition which causes it has best anti-corrosion properties. Very accepted by brazilian professionals, this material is used in several large-scale projects, as in the Cathedral of Brasilia. It is also used as a solution in:

  • Buildings of multiple floors or industrial;
  • Walkways, bridges and viaducts;
  • Transmission towers;
  • Tiles.

The adoption of this material is growing in maritime regions, such as in homes, waterfront, condominiums near the beach, and domestic and commercial buildings located in these areas. This occurs, because, the corrosion of the steel is much greater in these locations, and the steel patinável has a great ability to slow down the damage. The material can be used for finishing and decoration in these environments.

See in the charts below the difference between the corrosion of the steel patinável and plate of common steel when exposed to four distinct atmospheres: industrial, maritime, urban and rural.

Galvanized sheet

In addition to the steel patinável and its benefits for the amount of corrosion of the material, the galvanized sheet are also products used for finishing and decoration steel. Among the main advantages in the use of this material are its acoustic properties and thermal properties, which make the steel plates can be used for cladding walls and facades.

Many architects have worked to compose environments with steel emcontraste with other materials, such as glass, mirrors, wood, drywall and others.

Any steel construction or finish using this material requires the hiring of qualified professionals with knowledge on the handling of the steel. This concern is fundamental to provide more security to the enterprise, and also take advantage of widely the advantages offered by the material.