Sustainable Design, Natural Light and Much Style in This Wonderful House in Silleda

The House we are going to take today is a single-family house in Silleda, in Galicia. Housing is inserted in a plot between medians of urban character, but is imposed or dominate their environment, that what you really want is the coexistence and respect.

As it is often the case in this type of work you are looking for the balance between the past and the present, It is to achieve harmony between what already existed previously and that is created at the present time. I.e., the reading of the buildings is respected, but also pursued the clear differentiation of the old and the new.

The link element and the essence of this House is its courtyard. The courtyard is the backbone around which the functioning of the housing is organized. To its around two abstract volumes, have been built respecting foreign alignments but cracking into the interior.

As we can see in the pictures, the volume of housing is organized completely opening all its rooms to the courtyard, This results in the necessary intimacy and an excellent relationship with outer space. To optimize natural light, taking into account that the holes onto the courtyard have facing north, to achieve southern light from entering the living area also has opened a hole in the main facade.

One of the things that I’ve liked most of This House is that it is full of life. Many times we find ourselves in our section of open houses correctly built, distributed, or decorated, but which look more exposure than for living people in them.

The Books placed on the sides of the ladder they contribute, together with other elements, to create this feeling of home. It is not necessary that everything is saved and hidden to make it look tidier. The things that we use in our day to day always in sight and even with a point of disorder help to create a feeling of home.

The kitchen is decorated in white and steel as tendency in most of today’s modern kitchens, here if for my taste lack a touch of color. But I guess that they will give it with accessories and utensils used in cooking.

The space is very well organized to be able having everything tidy and within reach and that at the same time you can have a wide work surface to manipulate food when preparing recipes.

And we end our journey in the bedroom, that like the rest of the rooms it is also open to the courtyard. If we look out of the window we can see precisely that patio and garage Fund that is integrated with other volume that has been built around.

This sensational work of construction and distribution is the Galician studies Third right architects, they have made an excellent job, especially if we take into account the integration of housing in the environment that surrounds it and how it has managed to maintain a high degree of privacy without giving up the large windows and the constant entry of natural light.