Table Lamp Guide

Reading in bed just before going to sleep is for many a ritual. Get into bed with a book and a hot drink is especially nice at night fall or winter, when cold and the sun sets much earlier. Choosing a good book is essential to enjoy these moments, but almost as important is to have a good reading table lamp. Here we explain that you should consider in your choice.

Table Lamp Guide

Table lamp on the nightstand

In most homes it is simply used table lamp and as a reading lamp. Although suitable for its situation, its light is not adequate for reading. First, the nightlight is usually a great glow and is fixed on the nightstand. That is why this type of lighted lamps, the bed neighbor will not easily fall into sleep if desired.   The solution : proper reading lamp.

Modern table lamp

According to Internetages, reading lamp is smaller than a classical lamp night and has the ability to adjust and close to direct the light to our book. It also has a moderate brightness that does not bother who is not reading and only illuminates the pages of our book. There are also modern reading lamps that do not need to be plugged into the power grid so they can be placed wherever we want and fit our space. These reading lamps often have clips that can be anchored directly to the book to direct light directly to pages.

Reading table lamps for E-books

Reading lamps are especially ideal for e-readers. Although the case of e – books many screens E-books are not illuminated so you will still need a reading lamp to read in the dark or low light.

Many E-books come with cases that already have built a small reading lamp. Reading lamps electronic books are small, light and is normally illuminated by small lights LED battery – operated. LEDs are very energy efficient and also cast a beautiful and warm light that is very nice for reading. Another advantage of LED lights is that their intensity can be attenuated so that we can choose lighting suitable for every situation .